We provide a series of courses at all levels which discuss the organisational, political and societal implications of accounting.


The University of Edinburgh Business School offers two undergraduate accounting degree programmes: MA Accounting & Finance, and MA Business & Accounting. We also provide joint accounting degrees with the School of Economics and Law.

Within the four year undergraduate degree programme, our senior honours (4th) year course options allow students to engage with the academic accounting literature. These courses draw on the particular research expertise of staff members.

The Accounting Profession

This senior honours course introduces students to issues such as the history of the accounting profession, the changing scope of professional work and the accountancy profession in the global economy.

Accounting & Everyday Life

This senior honours course examines the role of accounting in a range of everyday contexts, from the home to shopping malls, and explores its manifestation in cultural forms such as art, architecture and cinema.


We offer a number of courses at the Masters level which address the organisational, political, and societal implications of accounting.

MSc Accounting and Finance

Advanced International Financial Reporting

This course enables students to explain and discuss critically the scope and significance of international financial reporting and understand the impact of financial reporting decisions on society, nation states, organisations, and markets.

Current Issues in Accounting

The course addresses a broad variety of relevant contemporary issues in accounting research and practice. By discussing state-of-the-art research in accounting, the course provides students with up-to-date views on topical questions in accounting and introduces research methods to seek out answers to such questions.

MSc Finance, Technology and Policy

Blockchain, Governance and Policy

The course provides students with the necessary skills to understand the strategic potential and limitations of Blockchain technology to transform contemporary business models, markets, and institutions.