The objective of this research network is to promote and showcase research on the inter-linkages between accounting and popular culture.

Traditionally regarded as trivial and unworthy of academic attention, research into the regular rituals that pervade the everyday is now a legitimate field of scholarly inquiry among social theorists.

The Accounting and Popular Culture (APC) Research Network was founded in 2011 to bring together like minded researchers. It is led and was developed by CAS Director, Professor Ingrid Jeacle. After a rather tentative start, an increasing number of international accounting scholars have begun to examine the links between accounting and popular phenomena, both historically and in contemporary society. The APC Research Network acts as a research hub for accounting scholarship in the field of popular culture, offering a focal point for highlighting the work of scholars within the domain.

This research direction often implies moving the focus of accounting scrutiny beyond the site of the professional firm, financial intermediary or manufacturing facility to engage more directly with the media of mass culture. Such investigations reap rich returns in not only furthering an understanding of accounting, but also the ways and means in which accounting, auditing practices, and notions of accountability permeate our everyday lives.

The Network has grown from strength to strength and led the development of several special issue journals and workshops dedicated to the topic.

  • In 2012 Professor Ingrid Jeacle edited a special issue of the Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal on the theme of accounting and popular culture.
  • A research workshop on the theme of Managing Popular Culture (associated with the journal Management Accounting Research) was held at the University of Edinburgh Business School in April 2015.
  • In 2016, a special issue of Critical Perspectives of Accounting (guest edited by Ingrid Jeacle and Peter Miller) was devoted to the theme of the State, the Arts and Popular Culture. The Special Issue is formed of two parts Part One covers topics including: culture and the state, trust and control, legislation, arts and humour and happiness.


The APC Research Network is proud to have a dedicated groups of world-renowned members.

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