11 March 2021

The theme of the special issue (issue 1, volume 26, 2021) is Accounting and Entertainment. It seeks to explore the links between accounting and entertainment from a range of perspectives.
Person holding open a comic book

Contributions to the special issue include an examination of:

  • The stereotyping of accountants in comics (Rocher, Christensen, and Roy) and cartoons (Jones and Stanton)
  • The role of calculative practices in television funding (Maier)
  • State funding of entertainment (Rentschler, Lee, and Subramaniam)
  • Performance evaluation in entertainment (Agostino and Arnaboldi)

Other contributions examined the role of the Annual General Meeting as an entertainment event (Halabi), and the possibility of entertainment itself providing an archival source for accounting historians (Miley and Read).

In total, the seven contributions to the special issue provide a range of insightful observations on the accounting and entertainment connections. The contributions also comprise a varied collection of thoughts across time and space: from late 19th to early 21st century, from Canada to Cambodia, from the US to Italy, and to Australia.

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