5 October 2020

Two publications by Stephen Walker have been republished.
Leadership workshop participants inside

The second edition of the leading reference work in accounting history, The Routledge Companion to Accounting History, edited by Stephen P. Walker and John R. Edwards of Cardiff University, has been published.

The book provides a comprehensive guide to the current state of knowledge in the expanding interdisciplinary field of accounting hisotry and offers insights into debates and future research directions in the subject area. Reviews of the first edition described the book as "a coherent and captivating book", "an excellent survey of Accounting History research", and "a work that reveals the different spaces where accounting can be found".

During a plenary address at a webinar of the Italian Society of Accounting History on 7 September, Stephen explained the genesis of the book and the challenges of preparing a collaborative synthesis involving 44 authors. He also discussed the impact of the book, especially its role in developing the BBC Radio 4 series 'A History of Double Entry Bookkeeping'.

Society of Accountants in Edinburgh

Stephen's influential book on the history of the first modern professional organisation, The Society of Accountants in Edinburgh, 1854–1914. A Study of Recruitment to a New Profession was republished in September as part of the Routledge Accounting History Series.

Following its appearance in 1988, one reviewer commented that "This is an important book which should be read by all scholars interested in the process of professionalisation in public accountancy".